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 by Lunce



my stuffies that i recommended
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Hy Guys, i just fallen in love with these stuffies, it was so pretty and i know it :p
yesterday i was looking for cool stuffies and i saw these, i checked my paypal balance and..

you know! i bought it all! ;) thanks to my friends who read my blog, i got the paypal from my blog, absolutely :p

SODIAL- Vintage style colorful Owl charm necklace do you want to know what i bought? here you are!
let me introduce mr. big eyes to you! ;) I just go ahead, and dont know how to get discount, but i saw the list, there are many shops in amazon who sell mr big eye, and i just got it with the cheapest prize , guess what? its only $0.01 i just telling you, where i got my stuffies, so if you are interested in, just go ahead.
i was surprised when i received this to see how big it was. it looks pretty small in the picture but it's like 2 inches high and about 1 1/2 inches wide which is fine especially for how much it was. i was also surprised to see that it didn't have a clasp. it's long enough that you don't really need one but you could always put one on if you need to.
Buy here : SODIAL- Vintage style colorful Owl charm necklace

and the secondary stuffies that i recommended is mr. mustache

What do you think? when your finger grow some mustache, LOL, that's so pretty, i bought this only less than a dollarI've seen cute mustache rings like this all over Amazon ranging in price from $2.99-to $9.99, when I saw this one for $0.79 plus free shipping I couldn't pass up the deal.

I ordered the ring on August 28th and I received it today on September 17th, which is an okay shipping speed because the item is arriving from China, after all.
The ring itself was a pleasant surprise, the overall quality is OK, the gold plating looks nice and shiny, my only slight critique is that the item looks fragile and it isn't very adjustable (I was too afraid that I would break it).

You can't beat it for the price, though, that's why it had 5 stars, what a steal! ;)

Small update! I finally wore this ring out once clubbing and the finish turned dark and funky immediately, I'm not sure if it can be cleaned. :( Buy here : Two Finger Mustache Bead Ring Retro Style Adjustable Size

to be honest, i have a whistlist that i wanna buy, its slave bracelet Silver Slave Bracelet (Triangle) , and im sure! this month i would buy it, because i know it ;)
i know it from my friend, " i'm already going to have to order another one. i ordered this for myself, but my best friend saw it and had to have it. i'll give it to her for xmas and order another one for me. this is very well made and fits just right. no complaints here!" she said, i was so envy with my another friend who had it from christmast gift, LOL, Buy here : Silver Slave Bracelet (Triangle)

the last but not the least, i'll tell you my last stuff that i recommend for this month, what's it? here you are Buy here : Hello Kitty Faux Leather Handbag Shoulder Bag [Misc.] i bought this only $21.45. I got the bag in white as they told me they didn't have one in black. It came but it felt like it took forever. I received it and I was blown away by the numbers on the receipt (because there were no other numbers on it, like the amount I was supposed to be charged) and they were quite high. So I had to make sure that they charged me the right amount and they did.
The Hello Kitty bag, overall, is a very cute bag. It amazed some people at how big it was inside and it leaves quite a bit of room in there. The strap is comfy and the right size so it doesn't look too much like a messenger bag type, but just right for itself (a satchel, or however you call it)(& a plus is that it is nice for small people or big people because of it's size and ways you can carry it). The color is a nice white, does not border on a yellow tint or anything like that. It's just a really nice color that doesn't seem to fade.

You get what you see, so really, I think it was worth getting for a birthday and holiday.

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Posted by gitagut Nov 14, 2012 Projects | 6 Comments
Beberapa minggu lalu, tepatnya tanggal 26 Okt 2012, saya sempat mewawancarai boyband asal Inggris yang lagi sangat besar namanya, siapa lagi kalau bukan ONE DIRECTION. Sampai sekarang timeline twitter saya masih sering penuh dengan mention-mention dari para directioners yang rata-rata isinya “envyyyy!!!” or “jealousss”. Well, don’t hate me,
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Translate Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia Gita Gutawa Spanish
POSTED ON: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 at 03:58 | 0 cookies

No Es Necessario Viajar Por Todo El Mundo

  • Song: Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia
  • Translation: Indonesian → Spanish
  • Translations: English
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Gita Gutawa Berbagi Pengalaman 26/09/2012
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Pengalaman Gita Gutawa Tinggal di Inggris

Gita Gutawa - inilah.com/danu
Oleh: Aris Danu Cahyono
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Style Factor terinspirasi gita gutawa
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Gita Gutawa Paling Menginspirasi Pembaca Style Factor

Oleh Gembira Putra Agam | Yahoo! Style Factor di OMG! – Rab, 19 Sep 2012 16:48 WIB
Tampil kembalinya Style Factor di Yahoo! OMG Indonesia pada 4 September 2012 lalu diikuti dengan daftar para pesohor yang akan jadi inspirasi Anda di tahun depan. Daftar tersebut berisi nama-nama mereka yang dianggap berprestasi, konsisten, dan berhasrat besar terhadap bidang yang mereka jalani.
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Meski Sibuk Gita Gutawa Tak Lupakan Karir
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